Cyrcle Mobile App

Founder of the startup 'Cyrcle' wanted to provide an efficient and effective solution to foster local sales between end users - a modern, efficient, and easy to use 'Craigslist'. The company wanted to cater to the needs of users who wanted to buy or sell products within a short distance of where they lived.

There were many goals of this design. Firstly, the design needed to be very modern, easy to use and appealing to users who wanted a simple and effective platform for their trades. The platform needed to be extensible to accommodate a growing list of products of various types and costs and needed to cater to all demographics. Search, product listings and workflow were critical elements of the design.

Challenge: The founding team had no design experience but was very demanding with little time to deliver. They needed multiple options, design, story boards and often could not make up their minds. At times, the requirements were conflicting or founders wanted older design - convincing them to adopt newer design ideas and doing this in a short time frame, made this design exercise challenging. The development team lacked appreciation and processes to not break design decisions and there was a lot of development mistakes made that needed to be corrected.

Mobile App UI/UX Design