Commercial & Personal Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photography is a great way to tell a story, communicate silently. I use photography as a medium to express my inner artist and support the designs and projects.

2016 International Photography Awards, Lucie Foundation: Honorable Mention
2015 International Photography Awards, Lucie Foundation: Honorable Mention
2013 International Photography Awards, Lucie Foundation: Honorable Mention
2006 International Photography Awards, Lucie’s foundation: Honorable Mention
Xerox photography contest, First place in greeting card category.

Skills: Photography, art direction, photoshop

Breathe - 2006 IPA Honorable Mention

Breath - Jill Chu


Commercial Photography - Product shots for Chevron Toy Cars


ALTER EGO - Barbie - Fun Stuff
I've been dreaming about being a Barbie Doll. I don't have courage to undergo plastic surgery to make it but digital manipulation made my "dream come true".



Still life


ALTER EGO - MELANIE MARTINEZ - 2016 IPA Honorable Mention
Impersonate my favorite singer Melanie Martinez. Photography helps me become whoever I want to become with a snapshot.

Melanie Martinez - Jill Chu


Impersonate my favorite band of all time BEATLES.



Photography for RGB booklet - Understanding Color


Gasp - Extended pieces for International Photography Awards 2015


Amare Wear - Handmade Jewelry - Online Retail
Art direction and on-site photoshoot, image design for products.

Amare Wear - Earrings

Amare Wear - Necklace

Amare Wear - Bracellet

Amare Wear - Earring Studs

Amare Wear - Earrings

Amare Wear - Earrings


Lost in the World - 2013 IPA Honorable Mention
"Lost in the world" is focussed on my innermost thoughts - the self that I think I am, should be, as well as how I perceive myself in my dreams. It's the bridge between myself and my subconscious, the self in between imagination and reality. I believe human beings are not one-dimensional. My objective is to convey the self, its inner struggles through surrealism, while leaving room for interpretation, as if it were a puzzle being put together. I hope the viewer gains valuable insight into self as well as into my personal experiences.


M+Y Steel
Commercial Photography - Product shooting, art direction for M+Y Steel


Black & White Images shot in color - Title: Angel & Devil